Minecraft: New Nintendo 3ds Edition 3ds Cia English Android Citra Pc

Download Roms Minecraft: New Nintendo 3ds Decrypted Usa Europe Multilanguage Cia Free 1 link, updates and dlcs, apk, citra android emulator, apple, mac os x. Minecraft, more than just a video game, is a social phenomenon, in fact the second best-selling game in history behind Tetris is this sandbox designed by Markus “Notch” Persson and developed by Mojang, later acquired by Microsoft. The proposal invites players to survive, create and explore a procedurally generated open world, divided into biomes and composed entirely of blocks, both in terms of environment and objects, giving a pixel art aesthetic to its 3D world. With freedom and originality as its flag, Minecraft offers a creative mode with tools and blocks necessary to build almost any mechanism imaginable; as well as a survival mode where players, in the shoes of Steve, fight non-stop against mobs (creepers, zombies, spiders, skeletons, Enderman) to stay alive one more day; and also share story worlds in both cooperative and PvP multiplayer.

  • Title: Minecraft: New Nintendo
  • Language: English, Español, Fr, De, It……
  • Size: 1.5 Gb
  • Region: Free
  • Format: Cia – 3ds
  • Descomprime los archivos comprimidos.
  • Copia el juego en la memoria de tu consola 3ds.
  • Entrar a FBI desde la consola 3ds
  • Instalar primero el juego, los updates, al final el dlc
  • Entrar de nuevo al “FBI”, buscar la seccion “Titles”,seleccionar el juego de minecraft y darle en la opcion “IMPORT SEED”, es necesario que tu consola este conectado a internet.
  • Una vez que todas las instalaciones estén listas, juega y disfruta del juego.
Base Game:

Base Game .Cia(For console): English, Español, Fr, De, It……


Password: worldcia3ds.com

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