Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang 3ds Cia Free English Android Citra Pc

Download Roms Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang 3ds Usa Europe Multilanguage Cia Free 1 link, updates and dlcs, apk, citra android emulator, apple, mac os x. On March 30, 2013, there was a trailer showing GO Galaxy, featuring characters like Tenma, Tsurugi, and Shindou in Japan’s representative team, Inazuma Japan, to compete in Football Frontier International Vision 2 (FFIV2), a new world tournament that will be held to decide the best youth soccer team in the world. In one of the scans, it says “Where are our friends from Inazuma Eleven GO 2?”, Which means that characters like Nishizono Shinsuke, Kirino Ranmaru, Nishiki Ryouma or other supporting characters will not be seen as much as they were not chosen. to become part of the Japan team. However, Shinsuke will automatically join Inazuma Japan after the FFIV2 Asia preliminaries, while others must be chosen. On August 26, the second trailer for Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Big Bang / Supernova was shown on Level-5 Vision. The video introduced many new things to the series, such as completely new and invisible characters, a new feature called “Soul” that is used by the members of Earth Eleven, and several new hissatsu.

  • Title: MInazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang
  • Language: Español traducido
  • Size: 2.7 Gb
  • Region: Free
  • Format: 3ds – Cia
  • Unzip the compressed files.
  • Copy the game into the memory of your 3ds console
  • Enter the FBI from the 3ds console
  • Install the game first, the updates, at the end the dlc.
  • Once all the facilities are ready, play and enjoy the game.
Base Game:

Base Game .cia(Para Consola): Español Traducido


Base Game .3ds(Para Emulador Citra): Español Traducido



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